iQ Series Ultrasonic Welders & Plastics Assembly Systems

Dukane's patented iQ Advanced Servo Welder is the next step in the evolution of ultrasonic welder technology. Dukane’s iQ Series i220 Integrated Servo Driven Ultrasonic Welder</strong> with patented Melt-Match® technology is a self-contained unit with iQ Series Generator/Power Supply housed within the press. Our patented, 100% digitally-controlled generator, ultra-rigid press, coupled with the iQ Explorer user-interface provide superior accuracy and ease of use. iQ Explorer's intuitive touch-screen graphical menu structure incorporates a one-page setup screen that makes welder operation easy to learn and program. Dukane iQ Series LE ultrasonic welding systems are an entry level machine designed for applications that require significantly less process documentation, yet are built on the robust precision mechanical platform as our full featured machines. Dukane iQ Series i220 ultrasonic welding system is an integrated machine designed for applications that require less process documentation, yet are built on the robust precision mechanical platform as our full featured machines. Available in 20 kHz power levels from 1200 � 2400 Watts.
ES Servo
Ultrasonic Press
i220 Ultrasonic
Servo Press

ES Pneumatic
Ultrasonic Press
iQ Explorer
User Interface
LE Pneumatic
Ultrasonic Press
i220 Ultrasonic
Integrated Press

The iQ Series generators are all built around our patent pending digital design.  Compact in size, they provide the highest power density in the smallest package, while incorporating our exclusive flow through cooling. iQ Series AL (Automation Light) generators, standard configuration includes time and energy control along with patented Trigger by Power. The iQ Auto, 40 khz, 600 watt generator is specifically designed to meet the machine builder's requirements. This robust power supply will provide power to multiple Dukane designed probes for years of trouble free service. Dukane iQ LS Ultrasonic Power Supplies were designed specifically for automated ultrasonic systems for the automotive, aerospace, packaging, textile, and food industries. iQLogiX™, an optional module is an optional module available on iQ Series Ultrasonic Generators to simplify the configuration of work cells in plastic welding process. Dukane’s iQLinQ™ is a proprietary communication protocol to give end users an array of options to interface ultrasonic generators with automated systems
LS-E Ultrasonic
Power Supply
AL Ultrasonic
(Automation Light)
Power Supply 
Automation Ready
Power Supply
LS Ultrasonic
Power Supply

for Automation
iQLogiX™ iQLinQ™
Perfect for staking and spot welding application. The MPC unit is designed for assembly systems where one ultrasonic power supply is sequenced to several ultrasonic probes.        
Hand Held 
Patented MPC
Multi-Point Control

In Dukane's drive for excellence the iQ Series of ultrasonic welders has been introduced. Key design criteria for this latest generation of the ultrasonic welding family are:

  • Higher weld accuracy and repeatability
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility for custom applications and future technology
  • Compact size

These criteria were attained in developing the new iQ Series ultrasonic presses and power supplies. In fact, Dukane has a patent pending for the advanced technology integral to the iQ Series or ultrasonic welding and assembly systems. Consider this list of ultrasonic power supply features:

  • 100% digital control and multi-core processing - keys to higher repeatability and accuracy. The iQ Series ultrasonic power supplies' scan rate of .5 mil sec is the industry's fastest - twice as fast as older technology.
  • Unique packaging, based on the motherboard concept, helps achieve superior reliability. For instance, there has been a 50% reduction in the number of circuit boards and connectors. In addition, there is half as much internal wiring.
  • Our patent for the iQ Series ultrasonic welding platform deals with digital control and flexible packaging design. Advanced iQ welders have an externally accessible card rack designed to accept interface cards used now and in the future. This provides flexibility to suit custom applications and future technology. The UMMA (Ultrasonic Module Menu Adapt) feature modifies the user-interface menu structure as it relates to interface card identity, providing user-friendly operation.
  • iQ Series power supplies have the highest power density per cubic inch in the industry. Surface mount circuit boards and the patent pending packaging design are integral to the compact size of power supplies. Units for the probe versions are designed with automation applications in mind. Power supply compact size lends itself to a variety of cabinet installations that conserve bench space while saving money.