Ultrasonic Welders

iQ Series Hand Held Ultrasonic Welding Systems

Frequencies 20, 30, 35 & 40 kHz
Power 600 watts

The HP and PG series hand probes feature an ergonomical soft grip design with hangers for use on counterbalanced devices. A robust resonant mount is designed for years of trouble-free operation. Fittings for air-cooling come standard on all units. These probes are perfect for manual spot welding, staking, cutting and inserting applications.

The iQ series HP-E generators come standard with both time and energy control. The display is a high-resolution graphic multicolor LCD with large easy-to-read text. One-touch hot keys along with a multilingual menu make programming and operation virtually effortless. Built-in circuit protection and visual fault status readouts ensure reliability even in the toughest work environments. The compact size and built-in handle allow for portability.


  • Soft grip lightweight, ergonomically friendly hand probes.
  • Time,  energy and manual weld modes with process limits.
  • Amplitude adjustment in 1% increments from 100% to 20%.
  • Trigger by Power patented feature for greater weld consistency.
  • Eight programmable setups
  • Audible end of cycle notification alerts operator cycle is complete.
  • Latch on fault with visual and audible alarm that is menu selectable.
  • Power bar graph with last cycle memory.
  • High-resolution graphic LCDwith a multilingual menu for quick, easy programming.
  • Real time in cycle menu displays frequency, power and time.
  • 100% digital controls of all power supply functions and parameters.
  • Digi-Trac tuning automatically tracks the resonant frequency digitally. It adjusts  the output frequency to match the hand held device. This is done for every weld cycle and eliminates the need to manually tune the generator.

  • Ultrasonic overload protection, with fault indication for ease of troubleshooting. The overload power limit is based on true RMS power output level.
  • Patented  pulse-width modulation design delivers power more efficiently with substantially less stress on electrical components for superior performance, reliability and extended life.
  • Linear ramp  soft-start algorithm allows the acoustic stack to be brought to operating amplitude smoothly, minimizing start-up surges and abnormal stress to the stack and power supply.
  • Line voltage regulation compensates for line fluctuations assuring consistent amplitude.
  • Load regulation provides constant ultrasound amplitude automatically regardless of power draw. The ultrasonic output amplitude level is held to within 1% to provide weld process consistency.
  • Eight programmable setups.
  • Highest power density per unit volume. Most power in the smallest package at highest duty cycle.
  • .5 ms sampling rate, fastest in the industry