Data Sheets

Find Data Sheets for your ultrasonic welding and plastic assembly needs.

iQ Series Ultrasonic Welding

    Dukane Patented MPC Multi-Probe Control
    iQ Auto-Plus Ultrasonic Power Supply
    iQ Explorer User-Interface Features
    iQ Series AL-E Ultrasonic Power Supply
    iQ Series ES Ultrasonic Press System
    iQ Series EZ Ultrasonic Stapler
    iQ Series HP-E Ultrasonic Hand Held System
    iQ Series i220 Ultrasonic Integrated Press System
    iQ Series LE Ultrasonic Press System
    iQ Series LS Ultrasonic Power Supplies for Automation
    iQ Series LS-E Ultrasonic Generator/Power Supply
    iQ Series Servo Ultrasonic Press System
    iQ Series Ultrasonic Automation Ready Power Supply

Ultrasonic Welding Accessories

    15 kHz - 70 kHz Machine Mounted Probes
    20 kHz Sealed Transducer
    iQ Series EZ Ultrasonic Stapler
    SRT-300 Rotary Parts Handling
    SRT-50 Rotary Parts Handling
    Standard Sound enclosure

Ultrasonic Food Cutting

    Ultrasonic Food Processing - Benefits and Equipment

Fabric & Film

    Corrugated Plastic Welders
    DDSM 20/40 Ultrasonic Sewing Machine
    UFF-1 Sonic Slitter
    UFF-2 40 kHz mini-slitter

Vibration Welding

    VW5300 - Vibration Welder
    VW5500 - Vibration Welder
    VW5700 - Vibration Welder
    VW5700LPT - Vibration Welder
    VW5900 - Vibration Welder
    VW5960LPT - Vibration Welder
    VWB4300 - Vibration Welder
    VWB4500 - Vibration Welder
    VWB4700 - Vibration Welder
    VWB4700LPT - Vibration Welder
    VWB4900 - Vibration Welder

Hot Plate Welding

    Horizontal Platen Welder Model HHB1229P

Spin Welding

    ServoWeld Plus Spin Welder

Archives: Ultrasonic Welding

    20 kHz Model 220 Plastic Assembly System
    20/15kHz Model 215 Plastic Assembly System
    30/40 kHz Model 340 Press System
    40 kHz Model 405 remote thruster system
    40 kHz Model 410 plastics assembly system
    DLSM 360-20 Sewing and Lace Machine for Ultrasonic fabric & film slitting and sealing

Archives: DPC

    DPC I Dynamic Process Controller
    DPC II Dynamic Process Controller
    DPC II Plus Dynamic Process Controller
    DPC III Dynamic Process Controller
    DPC IV Plus Dynamic Process Controller

Archives: Vibration Welding

    VWB3500 - Vibration Welder
    VWB3700 - Vibration Welder

Archives: Hot Plate Welding

    Horizontal Platen Welder Model HHB1223P

Archives: Spin Welding

    Spin Welder - Servo - SVTO32R-SVTO42R
    Spin Welder - SVB031-SVB051
    Spin Welder - Dual Servo - SVT012VR-SVT032VR-SVT043VR