Quality Partner for Medical Industry

Controllable, Repeatable, Reliable Performance for Medical Device Companies

Dukane provides the most advanced plastic welding solutions for Medical Device Manufacturers worldwide. We understand your high quality standards and requirement to comply with stringent regulations. Validating your process, qualifying every part and obtaining FDA approval is easier when you partner with Dukane. Our controllable, repeatable and reliable welding equipment will help you achieve all your goals while staying cost effective by reducing scrap. Our clean room welding solutions will help you achieve greener and sustainable growth in today’s competitive environment.

Our team of medical product specialists will work with you from application concept to finished part to make your product a success. Don’t wait and lose your competitive advantage, partner with us today and you will be amazed with what our technology can help you achieve.

Latest Welding Technologies from Dukane

iQ Series Servo ultrasonic welding, designed for the medical manufacturing industry

  • Precise control for accuracy
  • Patented Melt-Match® technology produces hermetic seals & stronger bonds
  • Patented Melt-Detect™ feature provides consistent finished part geometry
  • FDA Compliance

Laser Welding with LaserLinQTM

  • Welding Clear to Clear polymer with no additives
  • Servo control for precise parts positioning
  • Laser beam delivery system integrates both, XY servo gantry and a scan head
  • Supported by Dukane’s proprietary LaserLinQTM software, to harmonize both components of beam delivery system

Unique Solutions for the Medical Industry

One Step Servo Ultrasonic Cut and Seal

Woven & Non-Woven Plastics

  • Material: Woven & non-woven textiles, filter media to rigid plastic
  • Applications: Absorbent pads, filters, medical dressings, personal hygiene products, face masks, medical disposable clothes, wound dressing and bandaging materials
  • Video

Filter Media to Rigid Plastic

Welding Solvent Free Tubes & Connectors with Laser Technology

Tube to Tube Joint

Typical Tube-to-Port, Tube-to-Tube & Tube-to-Cap Joint with No Adhesive or Solvent
  • Materials: Unfilled Polypropelene EVA, PP and other materials commnly used in flexible tubing
  • Applications: Disposable medical devices, syringes, IV sets, infusion systems, fluid containers
  • Video

Tube to Port Joint
(*Photographed in polarized light)

Welding Clear to Clear Thermoplastic

*Welded part cross sectioned & Photographed in polarized light under microscope

Laser Welded Optically Clear Components
  • Material: Eastman Tritan TX 1001
  • Applications: Blood filters, infant care devices, medical appliance components, labwares, housing for surgical devices and electrical components

Strong weld made to be as
strong as parent material
(*Welded part cross sectioned & Photographed in polarized light under microscope)

Medical & Pharmaceutical Packaging

Continuous weld on two
optically clear part
(*Welded part cross sectioned & Photographed under microscope)

Laser Welded Optically Clear Components
  • Materials: PET, PC ,PP, HDPE, EVA, Acrylic, COC, ABS and other thermoplastic materials commonly used in MD manufacturing
  • Applications: Medical device packaging, rigid and flexible containers for pharmaceutical products

Lite touch weld designed to be
broken at specific force
(*Welded part cross sectioned & Photographed in polarized light under microscope)


Partner in your success

Dukane provides unparalleled service and support to make your medical, hospital and surgical equipment manufacturing a success. We work with you from application concept to finished part, and we will continue to provide support after you are in full production. Our team of medical equipment manufacturing industry experts will assist you from beginning to end. We provide assistance with assembly method/equipment selection, joint design, feasibility studies, and welding system validation and calibration.