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Fabric & Film

film and fabric applications

Design Flexibility - Custom Solutions - Interactive Problem Solving - Dedicated Team Support - Systems Integration

Line regulation for delicate materials, consistent welding with patterned drums, easy customization, global compatibility

From quilting mattress pads and welding surgical masks to sealing blister packs and making buttonholes, Dukane's team of specialists have improved our custom approach to ultrasonics to include textiles, apparel, nonwovens and packaging products.

We can accommodate your specific needs to design and build the optimal solution for your material thicknesses and widths, feed rates and material handling requirements.

Slitting, Rotary Drum, Traversing and Plunge

Dukane's Fabric & Film Technical Center offers a complete range of services: applications engineering, tooling design, systems integration, service and support, and training. Most important, the Tech Center is your resource for information gathering and experimentation on any of our fully operational ultrasonic machines.


Dukane's Fabric & Film processing products include the following standard features: universal voltage input; multilingual process controller; multilingual technical manuals; universal icons on panels; metric hardware; compliance with all European requirements.

We offer technology and equipment that is reliable, efficient and controllable - and back it up with unparalleled service and support.


  • mattress pads
  • seat belts
  • rainwear
  • tamper-proof seals
  • carpet backing
  • blister packs
  • disposable medical garments
  • juice cartons
  • outdoor furniture
  • bottle cap liners
  • automotive applications

Team Support

Our knowledgeable staff regularly address issues such as: continuous operation and importance of proper cooling; premature tool wear and the benefits of carbide and titanium; material handling logistics, coordination and flow; automation, control and monitoring requirements; required throughput and maximum quality feed rates. Click here for assistance with your Ultrasonic application.